Thanks to Turco, Inc. , not only did they build us a beautiful and functional website, but the very first day
we went live we were on the very first page of the search results all throughout Oregon.
Anyone doing a search in Oregon for firewood found us on the very first page of the search results, and we started getting online orders and phone orders the first day.

We're absolutely thrilled and recommend Turco, Inc. to everyone.

Ryan Williams
Central Oregon Firewood

With so many internet and online services, I was spending thousands and thousands of dollars trying to keep up with the competition. It seemed I was spending lots of money and getting very few customers. Turco, Inc put together an online strategy for me that fit within my budget and brought me more customers than all the other companies combined. I can track my advertising dollars to see exactly where my customers are coming from. Now I give the lion’s share of my advertising dollars to Turco, Inc. , my ROI keeps increasing and I’m very happy.

Thank you Thank you

Ruth Lingerie
Jupiter, Florida

 Turco, Inc. turned my vision into a reality.

Turco, Inc prepared my corporation and 501c3 tax exempt paperwork which was approved. They built an amazing website which I get tons of compliments on, and more importantly, donations. Turco, Inc applied for a grant which was approved. They manage my website and online marketing to continually bring in donations and sponsors and have built more awareness of my organization than I ever imagined possible.

I tell everyone about Turco, Inc. and I strongly recommend that anyone interested in developing their business or organization use this company. These people are fantastic. They've proven that they know what they're doing.

Lowell Levine
President & Founder
The Stop Bullying Now Foundation

 “Turco, Inc. gave hope to a "grass roots" organization and helped us beat the odds of trying to be a thriving Non Profit in a slow economy. Jacqueline did more than just apply for our Grant; she stuck with the application process until we received our approval notice. We had some technical difficulties, and she never let us fall through the cracks. She was diligent and showed us that she was interested in more than just her fee; she cared about our success.

We look forward to reaping the rewards from our Grant, and have great expectations to where we can go from here.

Thank you Turco, Inc. for all of your help!! We are very grateful!”

BBA, MBA, CEO of H.O.P.E, Inc. (Helping Other People be Empowered).

 “Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you’ve done. Thanks to you we got the grant which was so badly needed to support our mission.

Thanks again for all your hard work,”

Justin Buckhold
Executive Director, The Center - Arvada, Colorado

 “Just a few lines to thank you for being such a wealth of information each and every time I speak with you. It is a real pleasure to have such an experienced person like yourself to share valuable insight and good common sense strategies to doing this business. I get the strong impression that not only are you good at this, but you enjoy doing it. You are a very big help in assisting me to keep things moving along.

Thanks again for everything!”

C.S., California

 “Thanks for taking the time out to give me that information on your day off. I know I'm being a real pain. I feel like such a neophite. Maybe because I could have screwed up so badly. It's just good to know that you're there, holding my hand.

Thanks again.”

L.M., Rockville, MD

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service. I must emphasize that I like how you patiently will go over each question I have and consistently give me the same patience and same answers. I want others that may be looking at your service to know that you are excellent and very knowledgeable. They should purchase your service and I'm sure they would be very glad they did.

Thanks again.”

G.N., Atwater, Califoria

 “Just wanted to say thanks again for your insight and encouragement. I honestly didn't believe you when you told me how easy it would be to find investors for my projects. I was amazed and delighted to find several potential investors my very first day of making calls. It really takes the fear out of making offers and signing contracts when I know I have a network of investors to work with.

Thanks again Jackie, I'll keep you posted.”

D.I., California